You may have seen the headline a couple of weeks ago.  This was from a large study in Italy which analysed the participants’ anthropometry (height, weight, waist and hip circumferences etc.) and their eating habits.  The researchers found that eating pasta was not associated with an increase in body weight, but that those participants who did incorporate pasta into their diet had a healthier body mass index (weight according to height), lower waist circumferences and better waist-hip ratios.

In the study, those participants who ate more pasta also followed the traditional Mediterranean diet pattern more closely.  Many studies have shown how a Mediterranean diet gives us one of the best combinations of nutrients.   The diet emphasises fruit, vegetables, fish, whole grains and plant fats.

Eating pasta however cannot be seen in isolation.  It is still important to eat it in moderation (a fist sized portion is always a good quantity to go with) within a Mediterranean style diet.  What these results are showing us is that carbohydrates don’t have to be demonised!  You can enjoy them in moderation.

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