A healthy diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Vitality Nutrition assessments allow you to work with a dietitian to define your nutritional goals and to enjoy better health. You also earn thousands of Vitality points when you go for the consultations.

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Vitality Nutrition Assessments can be done at any dietitian in the Vitality Nutrition Network.

  • The Vitality Nutrition assessments consist of three 30-minute consultations with your dietitian.
  • It’s not compulsory to attend all three consultations (points are awarded for each consultation separately)

Each Vitality Nutrition consultation costs R340 for each person (2016 rates). You will need to pay this to the dietitian on the day of the consultation. If you have a Discovery Health Plan with a Medical Savings Account and available funds, you can claim this amount back from the Scheme (if there is no waiting period). If you are a Discovery Life policyholder, you will need to pay for the Vitality Nutrition consultations yourself.

Please note: If you want a personalised and detailed meal plan, it will be valuable for you to go for a full consultation. Discuss this directly with the Nourish Dietitians.

More information on the vitality points you can receive from a dietitian

  • Vitality members, 18 years and older, can earn up to 10 000 Vitality points for learning more about their eating habits at a Vitality Wellness Network dietitian. You will earn 5 000 Vitality points on your first visit, 2 500 Vitality points on your second visit and 2 500 Vitality points on your third visit.
  • If you have your weight assessed, you’ll earn 500 Vitality points. If you’re at a healthy body weight, you’ll earn 2 500 bonus points. Points for a weight assessment can only be earned once a year. If you do not earn bonus Vitality points, because you are not in a healthy range, you can have your weight assessed at any time after the consultation. Then, if you are within the healthy range, you will get your bonus points.
  • Your Vitality points will be automatically awarded and will show on your Vitality Points Monitor within a week. The dietitian will send us your results.
  • The consultations can only be done by a dietitian who is part of the Vitality Wellness Network. You won’t earn Vitality points if you go to a dietitian who is not part of the network.
  • The rules of attending these consultations are subject to change. We will let you know if there are any changes and any Vitality points you earn before the change will still be valid.
  • This information re the Vitality Nutrition Assessments is from the Discovery website, therefore for any queries please phone Discovery directly or visit their website